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We Do Web Design.

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Our Design Philosophy.

How often do you visit the website of a business only for it to take a frustratingly long time to find the information you're looking for, such as its location, phone number, or operating hours? What about navigating to these sites on your phone to find they aren't mobile-friendly?

It's 2023 and these kinds of user experiences should be long in the past. Unfortunately, that is far from the case.

These types of inexcusable, antiquated user experiences have informed our core design philosophy: Wolfpack Designs strives to create modern, affordable, efficient, user-friendly, and attractive websites that dynamically scale to any kind of device (tablet, phone, computer).

According to, a small business owner can expect a new website built from the ground up to cost between $5,000 and $7500 and for e-commerce sites to cost as much as $20,000. Wolfpack Designs can create sites with the same functionality and features for a fraction of that price while providing much more personal and efficient customer/IT support.

How This Works.

How This Works
Wolfpack Designs is here to build you a personally tailored site while also taking care of all the tedious nuts-and-bolts items like domain registration, updating DNS, making sure your online presence is properly maintained with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online business listing syndication.
Each job is tailored to your needs. We are capable of implementing online booking, online ordering, membership logins, newsletter design and implementation, and all e-commerce packages. Once you contact me, we will have a meeting to discuss what your specific needs are and tailor the project accordingly. When we have a detailed roadmap, I can properly quote what the job will cost.
My job isn't complete until you have approved final design and I have walked you through how to update the site as needed. Post-launch you are welcome to hire me on an hourly basis for any and all updates you don't feel comfortable doing on your own, though I do feel confident that most clients will be able to make most minor changes on their own after a walkthrough with me on how it all works!

Our Clients.

Want to see some of the businesses we've worked with? Check out what we've been up to below.


Stevensville, Montana

After Blacksmith Brewing Co. was bought by new owners, I was fortunate enough to be asked to build a new, updated website for the business.

Blacksmith - located in downtown Stevensville, Montana, in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley - this brewery focuses on tasty beer and a taproom that emphasizes community.

It's a comfortable place with great beer and even better people. Make sure to stop by and have a few cold ones when you find yourself in beautiful western Montana.



Missoula, Montana

My first web design job after moving to Missoula, I was happy and proud to help Smalls and Zac launch their new business by taking care of their online presence. We have implemented online booking which is a fantastic feature that helps streamline their day-to-day operations. Today almost all of their haircuts are booked through their website and their entire appointment system seamlessly integrates into their on-site Point of Sales (POS) system.



Missoula, Montana

When Imagine Nation contacted me to build a new website for them, I couldn't have been more thrilled. I consider it a true privilege to collaborate with such a wonderful business run by some of the best people I know.

The website is part of Imagine Nation V2.0. There have been other changes at Imagine Nation, including a completely overhauled patio with a wonderful view of the river. Be sure to stop by for a beer and check it out!


Missoula, Montana

Grace Hospice of Missoula County is the third-ever volunteer hospice organization in America. They provide crucial end of life care at no cost, funded solely by donations of kindness and goodwill. 

They were founded in 2022 and when they came to me to help build and launch their website in conjunction with their operations, I was honored to help them do so. They are a great organization run by some truly incredible, compassionate, and empathetic people. Please check them out and, if you can, donate to their wonderful cause.



Chicago, Illinois

Four Moon Tavern was one of the first neighborhood bars in Chicago I ever went to when I became of age. In the heart of Roscoe Village, it became a second home to my friends and myself throughout my 20s and until I left Chicago in 2011. It is still a regular spot for my friends and a place I always make a point to visit whenever I'm back in Chicago.

Four Moon Tavern is a north side institution and when I was contacted about building a new site for them, I couldn't have been more honored. To contribute at all to their legacy is a privilege and something I am grateful for. Check out their site and if you're ever in town, they've got a wonderful space and good food. Go say hi!


Downers Grove, Illinois

A project focused on streamlined information and resources above all else. Not only does this website offer immediate access to crucial information for potential patients but it offers myriad resources for current patients, including password-protected access to HIPAA-compliant patient records and insurance information.

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